Best Cracker Barrel Menu Items 2022

Best Cracker Barrel Menu Items 2022

Best Cracker Barrel Menu Items – Cracker Barrel is an American chain of restaurant and gift stores with a Southern country theme.

Cracker Barrel is recognised for its extensive menu, consisting of regular, Southern-inspired dishes guaranteed to hit the spot.

From fresh salads to deep-fried classics, there really is something at Cracker Barrel locations for everyone.

But with sides, dozens upon dozens of mains, and desserts to pick from, narrowing the menu down to the best of the best can be a difficult task.

That’s why we have done our research to make you the top 10 best cracker barrel menu items 2022 to treat yourself to today!

So let’s check it out…

Best Cracker Barrel Menu Items

Top 10 Best Cracker Barrel Menu Items


1.Maple Jam n’ Bacon Burger

Cracker Barrel Maple Jam n’ Bacon Burger

Maple Jam n’ Bacon Burger is one of the best items on the Cracker Barrel’s chain’s menu, and in our opinion, it just can’t be beaten.

Maple Jam n’ Bacon Burger is the ideal selection if you have a craving for something savoury-sweet.

2.Macaroni n’ Cheese

Cracker Macaroni n’ Cheese

The Cracker Barrel Mac n’ Cheese menu items come listed as a side on the menu, but it’s rich and filling to be a meal in its own right if you order the entrée part.

The Cracker Barrel Mac n’ Cheese dish consists of Elbow macaroni, stirred with cheese and baked to completion.

3.Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake

Cracker Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake

If you are somebody with a severe sweet tooth, our advice for you would be Cracker Barrel’s Double Chocolate Fudge Coca-Cola Cake.

There’s no shortage of delicious desserts on Cracker Barrel’s menu items, but the order of gooey chocolate fudge and sugary cola is on another level!

It’s everything you could require from a chocolate fudge cake: gooey, warm, rich, and served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!

4.Chicken n’ Dumplins

Cracker Barrel Chicken n’ Dumplins

Cracker Barrel’s Chicken n’ Dumplins features chicken tenderloins, cooked in a creamy sauce and seasoned with pepper.

You can take two or three sides to go with your chicken, from corn to hashbrown casserole.

You can also get to choose your bread from a selection of cornbread muffins, buttermilk biscuits, or one of each!

5.Pecan Pancakes

Cracker Barrel Pecan Pancakes

Cracker Barrel’s Pecan Pancakes menu item gives a crunchy, nutty twist to this classic dessert choice.

Pecan nuts are added to the pancake batter before frying, creating a mixture of sweet saltiness through the fluffy batter.

6.Country Fried Shrimp

Cracker Barrel Country Fried Shrimp

For the seafood fans out there, Cracker Barrel has choices for you, too! The Country Fried Shrimp platter is by far one of Cracker Barrel’s most popular fish dishes, and we can see why!

Served with a part of hushpuppies, Cracker Barrel’s breaded shrimp dish marries the tastes of the sea to Southern cuisine.

7.Sunday Homestyle Chicken

Cracker Barrel Sunday Homestyle Chicken

Ordering the Cracker Barrel Sunday Homestyle Chicken, you will get a meal fit for a king (or queen!), with two boneless, buttermilk-battered chicken breast fillets.

The Cracker Barrel Sunday Homestyle Chicken is served with your selection of classic Southern sides: either buttermilk biscuits or corn muffins.

8.Southern Grilled Caesar Salad

Cracker Barrel Southern Grilled Caesar Salad

This Caesar Salad recipe packs plenty of subtle, warm tastes into a light, classic dish.

Golden-fried chicken strips, Succulent and creamy buttermilk dressing complement a bed of refreshing Romaine lettuce.

9.Gravy n’ Biscuits

Cracker Barrel Gravy n’ Biscuits

Cracker Barrel’s Gravy n’ Biscuits is unique because it doesn’t try too hard to put a unique twist on a tried and true recipe.

Alternatively, the buttermilk biscuits and sawmill gravy deliver a plateful of creamy, crumbly deliciousness to have as a side, snack or traditional breakfast choice.

10.Fresh Steamed Broccoli

Cracker Barrel Fresh Steamed Broccoli

Cracker Barrel’s Fresh Steamed Broccoli makes a big stand-alone snack or a fresh, crunchy side to other menu items on the menu.

As you can see, the steamed broccoli is created here alongside a serving of Country Fried Steak and sweetcorn.

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