Cracker Barrel Catering Menu Prices 2023

Cracker Barrel Catering Menu Prices 2023

If you’re planning a celebration or event and looking for tasty and affordable catering options, consider an option from the Cracker Barrel catering menu.

Cracker Barrel is known for its hearty Southern-style dishes, and its catering menu isn’t any different.

This article will review the many dishes in their Cracker Barrel catering menu and give you the most current prices for each dish.

If you’re planning a corporate celebration, birthday party or family gathering, The Cracker Barrel catering menu is guaranteed to please the palates of your guests.

Therefore, without further delay, take a look at the realm of Cracker Barrel’s catering menu and find out what choices are offered for your next party.

Cracker Barrel Catering Menu Prices 2022

Below is a list of the latest and updated Cracker Barrel Catering Menu Prices 2023.

Item Price

Country-Sized Meals To-Go

Chicken n’ Dumplins $59.99
Meatloaf $59.99
Roast Beef $59.99
Grilled Chicken Tenderloin $59.99
Fried Chicken Tenderloin $59.99
Spicy Grilled Catfish Fillet $59.99
Hickory Smoked Country Ham $59.99
Sugar Cured Ham $59.99
Half Pound Hamburger Steak $59.99
Deep Fried Catfish Fillet $59.99
Grilled Pork Chop $59.99
Sunday Homestyle Chicken $59.99

Sides (serves 4-6)

Breaded Fried Okra (qt) $10.69
Chicken Salad (1lb) $10.99
Cole Slaw (qt) $10.69
Country Green Beans (qt) $10.69
Dumplins (qt) $10.69
Fried Apples (qt) $10.69
Hashbrown Casserole (qt) $10.69
Macaroni & Cheese (qt) $10.69
Mashed Potatoes (qt) $10.69
Mashed Potatoes with Brown Gravy (qt) $10.69
Mashed Potatoes with Sawmill Gravy (qt) $10.69
Pinto Beans (qt) $10.69
Steak Fries (qt) $10.69
Sweet Baby Carrots (qt) $10.69
Turnip Greens (qt) $10.69
Whole Kernel Corn (qt) $10.69

Sides (serves 12-15)

Fried Apples Pan $15.49
Hashbrowns Casserole Pan $15.49
Macaroni & Cheese Pan $15.49

Breakfast All Day

Baker’s Dozen Ham n’ Biscuits $22.99
Baker’s Dozen Sugar Ham n’ Biscuits $22.99
Baker’s Dozen Sausage n’ Biscuits $22.99
Baker’s Dozen Turkey Sausage n’ Biscuit $22.99
Coarse Ground Grits (qt) $5.99
Sawmill Gravy (qt) $5.99


Baker’s Dozen Buttermilk Biscuits $4.99
Baker’s Dozen Corn Muffins $4.99
Loaf of Wheat Sourdough Bread $3.99
Loaf of White Sourdough Bread $3.99
Mix of Biscuits and Corn Muffins $4.99

Chicken Tender Salad

Crispy Chicken Tenderloins $48.99
Grilled Chicken Tenderloins $48.99


100% Florida Valencia Orange Juice (120oz) $11.49
Cracker Barrel Freshly Brewed Sweet Iced Tea (gallon) $3.99
Cracker Barrel Freshly Brewed Unsweet Iced Tea (gallon) $3.99
Cracker Barrel Freshly Brewed Premium Blend Decaffeinated Coffee (96oz) $9.99
Cracker Barrel Freshly Brewed Premium Blend Regular Coffee (96oz) $9.99
Old-Fashioned Lemonade (gallon) $5.99

Pie & Dessert

All American Apple Pie (No Sugar Added) $8.99
Blackberry Cobbler $14.99
Peach Cobbler $14.99

About Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is an American chain of gift shops and restaurants. The company was established in 1969 and founded within Lebanon, Tennessee, and operates 660 stores in 45 states.

Cracker Barrel restaurants offer a menu of Southern comfort food, including daily breakfast, traditional American favourites such as chicken and dumplings, and regional cuisines like country and fried steak.

Alongside the food selections, Cracker Barrel stores also offer a range of items relating to the country, including decor and clothing.

Cracker Barrel’s best feature is its front porch, designed to appear like an old-fashioned Southern home.

The guests can lounge in a comfortable rocking chair and drink complimentary drinks while waiting to be served at their tables or exploring the shop.

Cracker Barrel is known for its welcoming atmosphere for families and an inviting atmosphere for people of all age groups.

They also offer menus specifically designed for people with food restrictions, including vegetarian and gluten-free choices.

The consensus is that Cracker Barrel has become popular with residents and tourists due to its mixture of comfort food prepared by a home cook, hospitality, and rustic character.

Cracker Barrel Contact Information

  • 800-333-9566
  • Monday–Friday,  8 AM–5 PM CST


  • P.O. Box 787
  • Lebanon, TN 37087

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Cracker Barrel Social Media Handles

Cracker Barrel Social Media Handles

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Cracker Barrel Catering Menu FAQs

Does Cracker Barrel offer catering services?

It is true that Cracker Barrel does offer catering services. They provide a variety of menu choices for groups of various sizes.

 What types of events can Cracker Barrel cater?

Cracker Barrel can cater for diverse events like weddings, business meetings, celebrations, baby showers, birthday parties, and many more.

 How can I place an order for Cracker Barrel catering?

Orders can be placed online or by phoning the closest Cracker Barrel location.

What is the minimum order size for Cracker Barrel catering?

The minimum order size for Cracker Barrel caterers is usually ten persons.

 What type of food does Cracker Barrel cater?

Cracker Barrel offers a variety of catering options. These include breakfast items like salads, sandwiches desserts, desserts, and other dishes.

Can Cracker Barrel accommodate dietary restrictions?

It’s the reality is that Cracker Barrel can accommodate any dietary restrictions, including dairy-free and gluten-free options. Customers are encouraged to reach the restaurant ahead of time to discuss specific preferences.

 How far in advance do I need to place my Cracker Barrel catering order?

It is highly recommended that customers make their Cracker Barrel Catering order at minimum 24 hours before the date of delivery.

Does Cracker Barrel provide delivery for catering orders?

It is true that Cracker Barrel provides delivery for catering orders for an additional cost.

 What is included in the Cracker Barrel catering order?

The catering package typically includes dishes, disposable utensils, and napkins.

Can I cancel my Cracker Barrel catering order?

Customers can change or reschedule their Cracker Barrel catering order up to 24 hours ahead of the delivery date.

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